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Suffer LESS. Perform MORE!

2025 Retreats: TBA 


2025 Retreats will be posted

the first week of September 2024

A couple of new retreats for 2025 will include:

"Athena Camp" 

"Commando Week"

Online Courses

"Optimize 2 Win!"


Our all-purpose retreat for detoxing from daily life. Learn meditation and unique breathing methods, weight loss/muscle gain techniques, increase your fitness, strengthen your mindset, optimize relationships, and organize your life. This retreat is designed for everyone.


This two-day course is designed to teach you everything your need to survive in a survival situation in any environment. We teach you survival theory, basic life-saving skills, crisis management, and personal security techniques. 


The Awakened Warrior retreat is designed to teach you how to harness various types of "soft skills" to take your personal and professional life to the next level. Before you can lead others, you must master leading yourself. We teach you the skills to get your life organized and also skills to better relate with your environment and others.


Our online coaching programs are customized to fit your needs. We focus on a wide range of areas including mindset development, organization skills, entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork and team building, communication skills, relationships, health, and fitness


Our signature plant medicine retreat is created to assist you in going deep with your inner self. We spend two days in ceremony followed by three days integrating ourselves in nature. This retreat is for anyone seeking higher clarity of their life purpose and for anyone struggling with trauma, addiction, depression, or confusion. 


Weight Loss | Muscle Gain


Strength | Cardio | Endurance


Learn the proven fitness techniques and methods special forces operators and martial artists use.​


The Situation

In today's fast-paced and oftentimes confusing society, we are confronted by multitudes of distractions on a daily basis and in many facets of life.


Our Why

Our purpose is to PREPARE you for the uncertainties of tomorrow. Your PREPARATION today will determine all your success tomorrow!

How We Do It

We provide you with solutions that will optimize every facet of your life! These are proven methods used by ancient warriors and some of the world's most elite special operators.


In all things, strive for EXCELLENCE - do the best you can with what you have at all times! 

Never QUIT! To quit is to compromise the standard of excellence.

Vanquish doubt! Doubt breeds fear, and fear leads to defeat.

Initiative and Discipline are key elements of success. 

Commit yourself 100% to every moment of every day... Be RELENTLESS!

Train, train, and train some more.  Preparation is a continuous action.

Unity of mind, body, and spirit are essential. Live in harmony with yourself, surroundings, and others.

Success and WINNING rest within!


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US: +1 910 986 1086

CR: +506 8714 3332

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