Zen Commando? Optimizing 2 Win!

Change how you prepare and WIN!

Daily life is a battlefield of noise, distractions, anxiety, stress, and madness!  Let us provide you the mind and body tools that will prepare you or your team to successfully operate and WIN in any environment.


Zen Commando is a lifestyle focused on creating WINNING mindsets through developing sound RELATIONSHIPS with yourself, your environment, and those around you.  


"Create Relationships, NOT Networks"

              ~Zen Commando

Mindset + Relationships = SUCCESS


Your MINDSET is where it all begins! It's the catalyst for a successful and winning


  • How do you perceive the world?

  • How do you prepare and posture yourself for challenges?

  • Is your mindset Fix or Growth-oriented?

"The X Ring"

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important to your overall success.

  • Do you cultivate a winning attitude?

  • Do you maintain a healthy diet?

  • Are you growing and evolving with the world around you?


The relationship you maintain with your environment is the bridge between you and others.

  • Are you living and working in a non-toxic environment?

  • Does your environment control you?

  • How do you manage external friction?


Your relationship with others is the result of the relationship you have with yourself and the environment. If you want healthy and harmonious relationships with others, you have to master the first two. 

Our objective is to prepare you for the uncertainties of tomorrow. Your preparation today will determine your success tomorrow...

In today's fast-paced society, we are confronted by multitudes of distractions on a daily basis and in many facets of life.

We aim to reduce and ultimately eliminate these distractions so you can be better prepared for any situation.


We provide you principles and procedures that will optimize every facet of your life! These are techniques that have been successfully proven by the world's most elite special operators.


In all things, strive for EXCELLENCE - do the best you can with what you have at all times! 

Never QUIT! To quit is to compromise the standard of excellence.

Vanquish doubt! Doubt breeds fear and fear leads to failure.

Initiative and Discipline are key elements of success. 

Commit yourself 100% to every moment of every day... Be RELENTLESS!

Train like you fight.  Preparation is a continuous action.

Unity of mind and body are essential. Live in harmony with yourself, surroundings, and others.

Success and WINNING rest within!



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