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Discover the amazing stories that reside within the Zen Commando tribe! Hear from other like-minded people and business owners that have experienced Zen Commando training.

Rui Babilonia

GCU and Citi

Accidentally finding a podcast Todd Opalski was on was a life changing moment I needed at the moment I needed it. Before even hearing about Zen Commando and all of the life-altering skillsets being taught by Todd, I could sense the deep reservoir of knowledge, compassion, and powerfully developed intuition Todd has honed over his incredible military and post military careers. Unlike others in the same industry, Todd’s genuine care and authentic self is the rare secret ingredient that adds depth and dimension to lessons that otherwise would not be able to reveal itself.

Todd’s guidance and advice are both freeing and empowering, while maintaining a level of challenge to help an individual evolve. Todd delivers the lessons as needed by the individual through watchful observation, and careful consideration and contemplation for the how to promote the best results. I cannot say enough about how transformative the experience can be for those who are ready to do the real work required to elevate oneself. For those who have been blessed enough to encountered Todd, a world-class tactician, seeker of wisdom, and a much-needed helper in our world, we know the magic that can happen under the guidance of someone who is evolving and is secure enough to share this treasure.

Seekers on the same path can stop looking for the person who can help you self-realize, Todd Opalski has life-changing wisdom to share with you. If you are excited reading this, I can say, the real experiences are on a different dimension. I do not write testimonials as a practice, but this is not a testimonial but rather a declaration of how grateful I am for the compassionate delivery of the lessons I needed to learn from Todd, who gave me room to be me.

Thank you,


RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

Om Sat Community/ The Energy Of Breath School

Todd Opalski, creator and founder of Zen Commando recently graced us with his presence at Om Sat Community in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.
I am highly impressed with Todd‘s expertise and mastery in the area of survival, special military operations and business.

When I meet someone who is highly focused, purposeful, passionate and who devotes whole-hearted energy to their mission, I pay attention.
Having been a prima ballerina myself, now director of a breathwork school, I understand discipline, totality of focus, and dedication.

I was captivated by everything Todd showed us over the intensive weekend on jungle survival. As we covered an extensive amount of material and immersed in experiential learning, Todd helped us systemize and adapt so that by the end we gained confidence and clarity about our community plan going forward for survival.

We learned everything we need to know about procuring go bags, survival kits, and first aid kits. We learned how to build a fire successfully, procure drinkable water, and set up shelter, we learned what kind of gear we need for navigating in the jungle safely with our families and kids of all ages, and we learned how to set up various types of traps. We also learned about teamwork and breaking down into groups for strategy, and we understood that we need to have communication systems and meeting location plans in place should an emergency arise.
Following our training weekend one of our community members got injured and thanks to Todd‘s guidance we had figured out who would be the go-to person in this emergency and take the person to the clinic plus who would go to translate, and had personal documents ready to bring along.
We now know how to be prepared in any situation here in a jungle environment and what to look out for so that we are alert, centered, self-reliant, and handling everything as a team without weak links.
No more flip-flopping around!

We have had a couple of meetings since Todd was here and our community has our gear in place should we need to be o on the go.
Thank you Todd, you have taken us from being unaware to being ready for success in any situation!
Deep appreciation,
RahQuel Star Achiaviatta
The Energy Of Breath School
Om Sat Community Member

Greg T


Todd has opened his heart and home at Camp Zen Commando in Costa Rica in order to help people. I have known Todd for over 10 years and he has always taken care of the people around him. Camp Zen Commando is absolutely the most wonderful place for a person to recalibrate and rest their mind from the daily stresses that accumulate throughout one’s life. Todd’s an amazingly thoughtful and experienced leader who took me on a week’s long journey that exposed me to relaxation and mind clearing exercises. Todd’s number one focus is helping people! He can help you get back on course through life’s complex voyage. I am still practicing each day the same meditation techniques Todd taught me at CZC.

Kimberly Selvage


Photo was taken as sun was setting after a beautiful day at Zen Commando. My time spent was exactly what I needed. The rivers that are on either side of property were one of my favorite places to sit, be still and reflect. The hike out back was great to get my heart pumping plus an amazing view. I enjoyed eating new food options (plus the freshest fruit ever). Todd’s recommended reading list are still my go to when I want to start a new book. My week in Costa Rica was a turning point to get back to my basics. I am so thankful I was able to experience Zen Commando. I do hope to return.

Daniel Velez


Once in a lifetime experience!

The yoga, meditation, fitness training, nature hikes and focus modules are all very well taught and personally they had a great positive impact on my mental and physical health. Once home, I thought about what could have been changed or done differently, and the only thing I could think of was that I would have liked to have stayed even longer. If you have the chance to go, do it. You won’t be disappointed. It truly is life changing.

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