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Survival Basics Course 

"Improvise - Adapt - Overcome"

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Course Description

The Survival Basics Course is a two-day workshop designed to provide you with everything you need to know to survive the zombocalypse. 


This course is customized to meet everyone’s survival needs and is perfect for any individual, family, community, and business. Even if you’re an expert in survival, you are guaranteed to learn something new!


The course is offered at Camp Zen Commando, but we can also provide offsite instruction at any location within Costa Rica. Customized courses are also available to meet your specific needs.

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What You Will Learn

  • The Psychology of Survival. How to mentally prepare for the worst-case situation you may encounter. Learn "Zen Commando Mindset Techniques."

  • Survival Principles. Essential ingredients to ensure your survival in any climate.

  • Equipment and Tool selection. How to properly select the right equipment and tools to increase survival.

  • Survival Kits. A well-crafted survival kit is vital to your survivability. Learn how to make a survival kit to increase the odds.

  • “Go Bags.”  Learn how to construct a simple “Go Bag” suited for any situation.

  • Water Procurement. Water is a necessity to live! Learn techniques to procure water in a natural environment.

  • Fire Starting. Fire produces warmth, and is used for cooking, and purifying water. Learn how to start fires using various techniques.

  • Shelter. Protection from the elements of nature is vital in temperate climates. Learn how to construct simple shelters to protect yourself from wild animals and inclement weather.

  • Survival First Aid. It’s not “if,” but “when.” Injuries are inevitable in a survival situation. You will learn preventive measures to avoid injuries and basic first aid techniques.

  • Small Game Traps. Learn how to make simple snares to catch wild game for food.

  • Jungle Movement and Navigation. Movement through a dense forest or jungle is not easy.  You will learn how to select proper routes and maintain direction in a jungle setting.

  • Crisis Planning, Organization, and Management. Proper planning and organization reduce internal confusion, which increases overall stress levels. Learn how to plan and organize as small teams to eliminate unnecessary stress and liability. This is perfect for families, small communities and businesses.

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I was captivated by everything Todd showed us over the intensive weekend on jungle survival. As we covered an extensive amount of material and immersed in experiential learning, Todd helped us systemize and adapt so that by the end we gained confidence and clarity about our community plan going forward for survival.

We learned everything we need to know about procuring go bags, survival kits, and first aid kits. We learned how to build a fire successfully, procure drinkable water, and set up shelter, we learned what kind of gear we need for navigating in the jungle safely with our families and kids of all ages, and we learned how to set up various types of traps. We also learned about teamwork and breaking down into groups for strategy, and we understood that we need to have communication systems and meeting location plans in place should an emergency arise.

Following our training weekend one of our community members got injured and thanks to Todd‘s guidance we had figured out who would be the go-to person in this emergency and take the person to the clinic plus who would go to translate, and had personal documents ready to bring along.

We now know how to be prepared in any situation here in a jungle environment and what to look out for so that we are alert, centered, self-reliant, and handling everything as a team without weak links.
No more flip-flopping around!

RahQuel Star Achiaviatta
The Energy Of Breath School
Om Sat Community Member


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2024 Dates TBD

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