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Personal Security Course, Level I

Course Description

The Personal Security Level I Course teaches the soft skills required to prevent and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of theft or assault. 90% of success is preparation and avoiding an unlikely situation.  This course will teach essential soft skills to increase the likelihood of success during an unfriendly or survival situation.  Hard Skills, the reactionary and “hand-to-hand” skills will be taught in the Level II Course.


Length: 4-5 Hours


Class Size: 20 students 



  • Theory of Personal Security. What are the elements and components of personal security?

  • Principles of Security and Survival. Foundational principles that are common to all threat and survival situations.

  • Threat Awareness. How to identify high-threat areas, locations, and individuals.

  • Stacking the Odds. How to mentally and physically prepare for an attack.

  • Over the Counter Weaponry. Selecting and purchasing tools to use for personal protection.

  • Attack Planning. Contingencies and actions to reduce becoming a victim.

  • Survival and First Aid Kits. Considerations on how to build and carry simple survival and first aid kits.

  • Counter Surveillance Detection Techniques. Techniques and methods for identifying a potential assailant in various environments such as an urban and rural settings.


Location: Rockstar Yoga Studio located in the village of Dominical, Costa Rica. 

Date: September 21, 2022

Time: 1030. We will break at noon for an hour lunch. 

Instructor: Todd Opalski 

Cost: $25.00 USD

Notes: Bring a chair or something to sit on if you desire

Todd Opalski, Guide | Navigator | Pointman

I served in U.S. special operations for over 20 years, five of those in direct line of combat. After military service, I spent time in the corporate and private trenches of Silicon Valley, California, where I learned how to operate in a new, technology-driven battlefield. Now, based in the serene jungles of Costa Rica, I guide transformative and life-changing experiences at Camp Zen Commando, a total mind-body adventure camp.

"My purpose in life is to help you succeed in any battle you may encounter in today’s world, whether at home, in public, or in the workplace."

I’m a distinguished combat veteran, successful entrepreneur, writer, high-ranking endurance athlete, long-distance thru-hiker, survivalist, and problem solver. All curriculum and courses taught are created by me and unlike any other, you’ll ever see or experience. Let me take you to the next level!!!  More Here

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"

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