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THANK YOU for your interest in sponsoring a veteran.  The Recalibration Retreat is designed to provide a fresh and healthy outlook on life and is perfect for veterans that might be experiencing difficult challenges.  It's also great for veterans just looking to learn some new techniques to take their mental and physical game to the next level.

The cost is $600 to sponsor a veteran for a Recalibration Retreat - this is a $900 discount from the regular price. This DOES NOT cover airfare/transportation costs to and from Costa Rica. If you have someone you would like to sponsor, please follow the below instructions:

1. Read about the Recalibration Retreat here

2. Select a course for your veteran to attend.  If you want us to find a veteran for you to sponsor, please contact us and we will locate a veteran to attend one of the courses.  Once we find a veteran to attend, we will then inform you to arrange airfare and complete the purchase as noted below.

3. Purchase veteran's roundtrip airfare to Costa Rica (Airport Code is SJO). Please ensure the veteran arrives on Day One of the 8-Day package and schedule the departure NO EARLIER than 1200 (noon) on Day 8 of the package.

4. Complete your purchase here and enter VETSPONSOR at checkout for the $900 discount.  ENSURE the veteran you are sponsoring is available for the selected dates and has a VALID passport

5. Send an email to upon completion of the above to receive follow-on instructions.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!!! 


THANK YOU for the support!

Sponsor a Veteran





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