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Travel Information

Getting to Camp Zen Commando

Getting to Camp Zen Commando is quite simple.  Click here to start your planning process

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Travel Preparation

"Preparation is 90% of success!"  How well you prepare prior to your travel will mitigate unwarranted anxiety and other stresses once you begin your travel.  Click here to find some recommendations that will make your travel less stressful.

Safety & Security

The general environment of Costa Rica is very warm and welcoming - Costa Rica is rated the second safest place to retire in Latin America. Crime rates are low and the most common crime that is found in every country and city of the world is theft. No place is safe from thieves so if you follow general precautions you'll be fine and have a wonderful time enjoying your stay in Costa Rica.  Click here for measures you should take when traveling abroad.

Getting Around By Bus

Bus transportation is the most common, reliable, and affordable type (way cheap!) of transportation for getting around in Costa Rica.  Be advised, busses do take a bit longer to get from point A to B, so don't fret and be patient if you feel it's taking longer than it should; bring a book to read during your trip or download a peaceful playlist for your listening pleasure.  Bus terminals are scattered throughout the city and there really isn't a uniform convention of organization as you may experience in other countries.  Don't expect to log onto a terminal website and get the most updated information like you would in the U.S. Finally, ensure you provide plenty of "buffer space" in-between your movements - avoid tight timelines because more than likely, you won't meet them due to traffic congestion, road work, or weather.


Please see the links below to assist with your bus planning:


This is probably the best bus guide! Open the link and then "click" on the city of interest for bus terminal information, bus schedules, and other useful information. 

- PROTIP: Though the bus schedules rarely change over time, DO NOT expect them to be accurate

This site provides you San Jose bus terminal information for departures.  Not as detailed as the above link, but still useful.

This site provides information of Dominical bus arrivals and departures.  Majority of locals speak English in Dominical, so if in doubt, ask a local.  There are a couple travel information offices in Dominical which will also assist you with the bus schedule.

This is a good site for general location about bus transportation in Costa Rica.


  • Use Google Maps to assist in locating bus terminals.  Google Maps is a great mobile app navigator for getting around in Costa Rica

  • Plan your lodging accommodations near a bus terminal to minimize having to rely on taxis and uber

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