Awakened Warrior 


The Awakened Warrior Retreat is three days of awakening the hidden warrior within! We linkup together at Camp Zen Commando in the wild jungles of Costa Rica and spend three days detoxing, reequipping, and renewing ourselves to be warriors of strength and integrity.

Each day will begin with sessions of meditation, deep breathing, and fitness (suited for all) followed by an action-packed afternoon where we discover our true inner warrior. Our training modules will equip us with the soft warrior skills necessary to overcome the asymmetric challenges we face today. We will immerse ourselves in a natural and cohesive environment focused on learning battle techniques proven by ancient and modern era awakened warriors.  

"Special Operations Mindset" 

"Principles of Leadership"

"Procedures of Accountability"

"Methods of Leading During Crisis"

"Developing a Security Plan"

"The Three Rings of Relationships"

"Forging Spiritual Toughness"

The Plan

Travel Day

Arrive to San Jose Airport (SJO)

Travel to Camp Zen Commando


Orientation & Safety Brief

Personal / Preparation Time

Training Day 1

Intro to Meditation

Intro to Deep Breathing

Intro to Zen Commando Fitness

Waterfall Cooldown / Recovery


Equipment / Gear Issue

Event #1

Module / Breakout Session



Personal Time

Training Day 2


Deep Breathing

Zen Commando Fitness

Waterfall Cooldown / Recovery


Event #2

Module / Breakout Session



Personal Time

Training Day 3


Deep Breathing

Zen Commando Fitness

Waterfall Cooldown / Recovery


Event #3

Module / Breakout Session

Final Exercise


Outbrief / Ceremony

Travel Day

Depart Camp Zen Commando

Arrive Dominical

Depart Dominical

Arrive San Jose Airport (SJO)


  • Camp Zen Commando is a substance and alcohol-free environment

  • All meals are vegan / plant-based and deliciously prepared gourmet style by our onsite Master Chef

  • Activities are suited for all ages and fitness levels.  The only stress provided is self-induced.

  • COST:  $1,000 for five days.  Airfare is not included​. 

  • Each course can accommodate four people

  • Packing list here

  • Discounts available for active duty service members, first responders, teachers, and nurses. 

    • Active Military: Enter MILITARY for a $300 discount

    • First Responders: Enter FIRSTRESPONDER for a $200 discount

    • Nurses: Enter NURSE for a $200 discount

    • Teachers: Enter TEACHER"for a $200 discount



Todd Opalski, Guide | Navigator | Pointman

I served in U.S. special operations for over 20 years, five of those in direct line of combat. After military service, I spent time in the corporate and private trenches of Silicon Valley, California, where I learned how to operate in a new, technology-driven battlefield. Now, based in the serene jungles of Costa Rica, I guide mind-body adventure experiences at Camp Zen Commando, a total mind-body adventure camp.

"My purpose in life is to help you succeed in any battle you may encounter in today’s world, whether at home, in public, or in the workplace."

I’m a distinguished combat veteran, successful entrepreneur, writer, high ranking endurance athlete, long-distance thru-hiker, survivalist, and problem solver. All curriculum and courses taught are created by me and unlike any other, you’ll ever see or experience. Let me take you to the next level!!!  More Here

Afghanistan, 2010
CarDash, 2017
Camp Zen Commando, 2019

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"


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