Optimize 2 Win Retreat - 8 Day Package

"Prepare - Execute - Repeat"

"Knowing your location on the map in a survival situation is as important as knowing where you’re at in life - with yourself, your surroundings, and with others. "

Purpose of the O2W Retreat:

Because we are required to operate so quickly in today’s environment, we often neglect the most important priorities to successfully navigate the world… a healthy and harmonious Mind, Body, and Spirit.  The “O2W Package” provides you the resources necessary to get you FOCUSED and moving in the right direction.

Successful performance, whether in business, community, government, and even family, is built on STRONG BASICS. During the O2W Package, we’ll share with you BASIC “life hacks” that have been successfully proven on the battlefield, in the boardroom, and in the community - principles and procedures that will assist you in getting your mind, body, and spirit to the elite, "Tier One Level."  These are the same skills taught and adopted by elite-level military special operatives to succeed in highly dangerous operations, uncertain situations, and unfamiliar environments.

"Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all-time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit."


The O2W Retreat is an eight-day  package that includes the following:


  • Transportation to and from San Jose to Camp Zen Commando

  • Day 1 accommodations in San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Meditation. Each morning will be dedicated to getting “your mind right” through a quiet period of deep meditation and awareness.


  • Fitness Training. After meditation, a staff member will lead a low-impact, total-body, core-centric workout. Our workouts are designed for all levels and ages.  


  • Nature Hikes. Local hikes will be incorporated in the day for meditative and sightseeing purposes.  This is a great time to experience and visually consume the beauty of Costa Rica's natural surroundings.


  • Adequate time will be provided to visit the local beach, farmers market, waterfalls, and other unique areas of local interest.


  • Focus Modules. The map and compass of the course!! Each day, an interactive 1-2 hour open discussion will be provided focused on mindset, healthstyle, relationships, keystone habits, communications, and battlefield management (managing your daily battles)

** Meals will be provided each day

** Adequate individual time to rest, recover, and explore the local swimming holes and jungle paths will also be provided

** Course size is limited to only four participants

"Nayauca Falls"

"River Hike"

"Terciopela Falls"

"Beach Day"

"Local Waterhole"

Daily Schedule:

Day One - Travel to Costa Rica

Arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica

Travel/Arrive to Hotel



Introduction to Staff and Course Orientation

Day Five - Training Day 3




Hike : Zen Commando Falls


Module: "Principles of Engagement - 5x5 Communications"


Relax/Personal Time

Day Two - Travel to CZC


Transit to CZC via shuttle bus*

Arrive Camp Zen Commando

Camp Orientation/Gear & Equipment Issue 


Module: "Invictus, Developing a Tier One Mindset"

Relax/Personal Time

*A stop is planned halfway in Jaco for lunch and shopping

Day Six - Training Day 4




Travel to Beach; setup camp

Dinner at Beach

Module: "Identifying and Eliminating the Threat" Relax/Personal Time

Remain Overnite at Beach

Day Three - Training Day 1

Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Zen Commando Fitness


Hike: Terciopela Waterfalls


Module: "Priorities of Work - Developing Keystone Habits"


Relax/Personal Time

Day Seven - Training Day 5


Fitness on Beach

Return to Camp Zen Commando


Module: "Three Rings of Relationships - Creating Harmony"


Relax/Personal Time

Day Four - Training Day 2




Hike: Jungle and River Crossings


Module: "Zen Commando Healthstyle - Optimizing for Battle!"


Relax/Personal Time

Day Eight - Depart Costa Rica

Travel to San Jose Airport


To properly factor travel time from CZC to airport, please do not schedule your departure any sooner than 12:00 (noon)


  • COST:  $1,500 for eight days.  Airfare is not included​. 

  • Each course can accommodate four people

  • Packing list here

  • Discounts available for service members, veterans, first responders, teachers, and nurses. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DUTY!

    • Active Military: Enter MILITARY for $300 discount

    • First Responders: Enter FIRSTRESPONDER for  $200 discount

    • Nurses: Enter NURSE for $200 discount

    • Teachers: Enter TEACHER"for $200 discount

2021 Optimize 2 Win Retreat Schedule:

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